Welcome to Debidwar Sujat Ali Govt. College

Debidwar Sujat Ali Govt. College, Debidwar, Comilla has been illuminating the rural areas of Bangladesh with knowledge and working actively in nation building over 50 years of its founding. The college is named after the widely acclaimed freedom fighter and the former captain of Bangladesh Army, Sujat Ali. The college has been established with a view to providing HSC courses. But, in course of time, the college has been expanded significantly in providing courses on undergraduate program in Accounting (Hons.), Management (Hons.) and BA, B.Sc, B.Com (Pass). At present, over three thousand students have been enrolled in HSC, Honours and Degree (pass) courses. The students mostly come from different adjoining rural areas of the upazila for getting quality education with minimum expenditure. Many notable personalities of the country studied in this college. Many distinguished persons, who took education from this college, have contributed immensely to the overall development of the nation.

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